Lorestan Science and Technology Park


A brief introduction to Lorestan province and its potentials:

Lorestan is a province of western Iran. It covers an area of 28294 km².The population of Lorestan was estimated at 1754000 people. Lorestan is the thirtieth province of Iran in terms of population. It is one of the most populated provinces of Iran. Khorramabad is the capital city of Lorestan and is located within 488km of the capital- Tehran .According to statistics issued in 2006, Khorramabad is the twentieth large city of Iran. Lorestan is a mountainous land which, except in a few number of plains, is totally covered by Zagros ranges. The highest point of the province is Oshtoran kou, peaks at 4150 m. It is located in Azna. Lorestan most low-lying area is situated in southern part that is approximately 500m above sea level. Due to its highly historical importance, Lorestan is the only province in Iran to which one of four main parts of National Museum of Iran has been allocated

*Lorestan is a province with numerous natural endowments. This province is one of high precipitation regions of Iran. About 2500 km river and 12/4 billion m³ surface water are running in this province. Lorestan has favorable climate with weather variability .Given its rich nature, there is a good medical herb diversity. In addition , suitable mineral resources especially ornamental stones are the other natural endowments of this province .About 22 percent of world ‘s ornamental stones are situated in Lorestan. This province has 5000 nationally registered natural, historical and cultural works. Meanwhile, considering suitable nature and pasture ,Lorestan is one of the most important agriculture  and livestock products hubs.

* The specialized manpower expert in different fields, particularly given the existence of various universities, are the other potentials of this province. In addition, Lorestan has proper infrastructures for development.

Lorestan province main potentials:


Mineral Resources:

Lorestan enjoys a high rank in ornamental stones, limestones gypsum, cement stone mines, cement Soil, mosaic and mountainous gravel and sand.Lorestan has 22 percent of the world’s ornamental stone.

Surface waters:

Lorestan province is one of the high level and mountainous provinces with abundant rivers and lakes. About 23 rivers are running in this province. Its surface water run into Oman sea and Persian Gulf watersheds. About 10%of total Iran’s water resources is produced in Lorestan.

Lorestan is located within the 30th region  with high rate of precipitation in Iran. About13 billion m3 water is delivered from Lorestan and goes into Dez and karkhe dams.

Medical Herbs:

Lorestan province covers an area of 2 million hectares of natural resources with 649000 hec high-level lands and 885000 hec forests. There are four different climate , (Semi-dry, semi-humid, medium, cold, semi-humid and climates of elevations) in this province.

The existence of reliefs, abundant surface waters and rich ground water reservoirs has turned Lorestan into a place with significant flora diversity and produced diverse herbal medicines resources.


Lorestan is the first province in the country in terms of areas under cultivation and ranks second in terms of legume production. Bean, pea and lentil  with 116892,10217,7696 hec areas under cultivation respectively,are the  main legumes produced in Lorestan.

Livestock products and fisheries:

Suitable climate, good water resource and rich postures have turned Lorestan into one of the most important hubs of livestock products like meat and dairy.

In addition, due to Suitable climate, Lorestan province has become one of the good places for growing fish in the country.

Ecotourism and Geotourism:

The historical and scenic land of Lorestan is a mountainous region amidst Zagros Mountains. Given the diverse climate, watery rivers, intact natural views, waterfalls, ponds, lakes, forests, green pasture and diversity of climate;  Lorestan has the potential for being one of the important ecotourism center (environment’s tourism)of country.

Specialist Manpower

The presence of expert   labor force especially in university centers is another potentials for Lorestan growth and development. At the moment, there are different university centers like governmental universities under the supervision of Science Ministry,Medical Science University, Islamic Azad university and Jihad university.

Proper  Infrastructures:

The existence of proper infrastructures including communicative ways (airport, railroad, freeways and safe highways), suitable communicative background and the establishment of a number of  industrial towns in Lorestan, might be considered as other opportunities for economic development and knowledge-based employment in Lorestan.


Security is an essential prerequisite for any scientific and economic project. Fortunately, Lorestan is one of the most secure provinces of Iran.

A Brief Introduction to the History and Activities of Lorestan Science and Technology Park

Lorestan province Science and Technology Park started its official operation under the auspices of Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology in December 2011.

*Lorestan Science and Technology Park major fields of activity include agriculture, animal husbandry, food industries, medicinal industries, archaeology and tourism, medical herbs , herbal medicines and non-metal minerals industries.

*Presently Lorestan Science and Technology Park has the following incubator and creativity centers

-Boroujerd ,Khoramabad and Delfan cities incubator centers became operational with official  authorization from Sciences, Research, and Technology Ministry

_Aligoudarz and Doroud R&D center have been recently inaugurated and they are under study for being transformed to incubator centers

*The final document of 19 hectares of Lorestan University land’s ownership was acquired by university board of trustees ratification in February 21,2016.

*The establishment authorization of Lorestan Research and Technology Fund named Afllak has been acquired and it is presently undergoing registration and implementation processes.

Park Goals

_To help to increase wealth via development of knowledge-based economies

_To commercialize the results of researches so that relationship between different research, production and service sectors of society is realized.

_To increase competitive power and development of knowledge-based companies

_To help to absorb technical knowledge, local and international assets

-To increase specialized presence and participation of local enterprises at international level

_To support and develop Small and Medium Enterprises and also to support R&D and innovative ,research and engineering companies and institutes in order to develop technology and entrepreneurship.

Applicant companies for establishment in Science and Technology Park

1-Research and development centers in non-governmental organizations, factories and industries

2-Reference laboratories, calibration, and workshop, etc.

3-Semi-industrial manufacturing units based on modern technology

4-Consultancy and specialized service companies (commercial, marketing and sale, ICT, legal)

5-Technical and engineering companies

6-Supporting service institutes

7-Specialized societies and people-oriented scientific organizations with valid authorization

8-Industry communication offices, entrepreneurial associations and industrial clusters

9-Compenies developed and flourished in incubator centers

10-International companies interested in investment in park intended technologies.

The Advantages of Park Membership

1: Current advantages and exemptions (Iran’s Fourth Development Plan, article 47,and article 9 of knowledge-based companies support law)

*15 year exemption from taxation, tariffs, customs, trading profit , export tariffs for all research ,technology and engineering units established in park

*The priority of all or part of centers and governmental research institutes dividend transferable to institutes and companies intended by this law.

*To benefit from legal advantages of duty free zones in regard with labor relations, exemption from taxation ,tariffs and international transactions

To use Innovation and Flourishing Fund benefits.*

2:To benefit from the vicinity advantages of start-ups to produce new technologies.

3:To be located in a well-known scientific complex in vicinity of main Lorestan province. Universities (Lorestan University, Medical Sciences of Lorestan and Islamic Azad University) and gain new credibility by being established in park for market development.

4: To use specialized training workshops and conference.

5: To use special laboratories and specialized workshops and to benefit from neighbouring companies equipment.

6: To cooperate with and to use the experiences of multi-national companies that have branches in park

7: To use Science and Technology Park lands taken on lease and on long term contract according to land  assignment by-law for 33-99 years for construction of development and research units, production and knowledge-based industrial units

8: To use Science and Technology Park infrastructures including water(8lit/s), electricity, (0/5 MW), gas, communication, telephone, optic fibre and high speed internet

9:Favorable park  land access to road transportation lines( direct Khoramabad-Tehran way),railroad(5km distance from Khoramabad railroad station and connection to country’s south-north railroad network) and airlines(it is located within 15km from Khoramabad airport)

The number of knowledge-based , established companies and R&D units

The number of established companies The number of knowledge-based companies The number of R&D companies
119 15 8

Research and development centers in factories are the primary cores of research activities in industry sectors that implement the activities like product quality promotion, new product design, process optimization, technology transfer and absorption and technical knowledge acquisition to pursue policies of industries owners. Therefore, considering Lorestan province industries development especially for established units in park and affiliated incubator centers, Loestan Science and Technology Park held the first training course of preliminary research and development with cooperation of Lorestan Industry, Mines and Trade organization in Januray 2015 and held the first advanced research and development training course in Lorestan. These training courses resulted in acquisition of 5 certifications of research and development by park companies.In addition the number of R&D units increased from 2 to 8 units. In general,of 10 R&D units in Lorestan province ,8 units are situated in Lorestan Science and Technology Park.





Lorestan Science and Technology park projects under construction

Phase No Project title Area Physical progress percent
1st Office building 1137 90
2nd Laboratory and central research center building 2752 70
3rd Knowledge-based companies and institutes 3900 Is being transferred to contractor

Total area 7789


Achievements by real person and corporate body

19 The number of elite national and provincial entrepreneurs


69 The number of achievements

The number of festivals and exhibitions

The number of participated festivals and exhibitions


50 exhibitions


The number of held training course

The number of held training course



The number of sessions and conference

11 sessions and conference

The number of registered inventions by units and established cores


  • Established Companies Main Fields of Activities

Bio technology ( food, livestock and plant production, agriculture, industries, environment, molecule technology biology

  • Nano  technology(products and materials)
  • Optics and photonic
  • Advanced materials (polymers, ceramic , metals and composites).
  • Computer hardware, power, electronics, control and communication
  • Advanced  equipment , manufacturing, production and laboratory.
  • Advanced  medicines
  • Devices , supplies and medical equipment
  • New  energies
  • Equipment ,oil , gas ,refinement, and petrochemicals
  • Aerospace(missile, satellites)
  • Advanced products of other fields(mines)
  • Advanced products of other fields(housing and building, road and rail road, marine and road construction )
  • Advanced products(agriculture ,animal husbandry and medical herbs)
  • Advanced products(food industries and technologies)
  • Advanced products(software, identity and cultural technologies, and related equipment)